Roasted pork ramen noodle

A ramen restaurant opened in Boston recently.  It's really famous and popular so everyday so long line is in front of the restaurant.  Actually one of my friends was in the line over 3 hours!  I am sure it must taste good but can't wait for hours outside such a cold day (almost frozen...)

Still I want to eat ramen!  I went to ramen places one a week when I was in Japan but since I came to Boston, I've never been.  That's why I made ramen by myself with a roasted pork I made the day before yesterday.

Roasted pork ramen noodle (1 serve)
  • 1 pack of ramen noodle
  • pork soup stock from Japanese braised pork
  • soy sauce
  • chinese chicken soup stock
  • braised pork
  • seaweed sheet
  • canned corn
  • dried wakame seaweed
  • menma
  • green onion

1,  Soak dried wakame seaweed in cold water for the time package says.  Cut green onion into thin slices.  Cut Japanese braised pork into thick slices.

2,  Boil the pork soup stock and add soy sauce and chinese soup stock as much as you like.

3,  Boil the ramen noodle for the time package says.  Put boiled soba up to a colander then put in a ramen bowl.

4,  Pour the pork soup to the ramen bowl and place wakame, pork, corn, seaweed sheet, menma and green onion on the ramen noodle.

I was so surprised that it was close to the ramen I had at ramen places in Japan!  Perhaps, better than that..., haha:))  Anyway, it was nice to have ramen in a warm room such a cold day without long line!! 


  1. Like your blog, thanks for sharing recipes and in English as well! I've shared your blog on Facebook and Twitter :) x

  2. Hi, Angela! Thank you for your precious message! It really encouraged me :)) Sorry for my late reply. I couldn't write my blog recently because I was busy to go back to Japan. But I will definitely start again sometime soon!! I hope you will enjoy my blog. Thank you so much♡

  3. Anonymous1/18/2013

    I known ramen noodle in Ninja Hatori movie. I want to share this recipe in my blog in Indonesian languange. But we don't eat pork, and i can't translate 'menma' in Google translate :'( sad

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