Boiled Kabocha pumpkin

Less than 2 weeks until Halloween!  There are so many pumpkin flavor things, like pumpkin latte, muffin, cheese cake, chocolate...and more!  I realized that I didn't make pumpkin food yet.  I'm crazy, I should have done it earlier...

One of my favorite vegetable is kabocha pumpkin.  Do you know Kabocha pumpkin?  I think in America, butternuts squash is much more popular than it.  Butternuts squash is really sweet and can be soft easily so it's good for stir-fry, grilled or something you don't have to take long time to heat.  I have tried a butternuts squash soup, which was so tasty that I couldn't forget the taste!  

About Kabocha pumpkin, it's a Japanese traditional pumpkin.   It has green colored skin, yellow inside and lots of seeds.  It is really sweet as well and has less water than butternuts squash so it's good for boiled dishes. 

When I came to America, I thought maybe it's difficult to find Kabocha pumpkin because it's a Japanese vegetable and I thought not so popular here.  But actually lots of grocery stores do have!  I am so glad!!

For me, the most favorite pumpkin food is boiled Kabocha pumpkin.  Whenever I went to back to my hometown, I definitely requested my mom to make it.  You know how I love it!!

This time I made a boiled kabocha pumpkin trying to make it as well as my mom's recipe.

Boiled Kabocha pumpkin
  • 1.3 pound of Kabocha pumpkin (net weight)
  • 3 Tbs of sugar
  • 2 Tbs of mirin
  • 1.5 Tbs of soy sauce
1,  Remove seeds from pumpkin and cut into cube
2,  Put cut pumpkins in a pan and pour water over the pumpkins until it just covered them.  Add sugar and mirin.

3,  Heat the pan with medium fire until boiling and cover with aluminum foil then boil for 5 minutes

4,  Add soy sauce wholly and cover again.  Boil with between medium and low fire for 20 minutes or so until dry.

Even though ingredients and processes are so simple and nothing complicate but it taste really deep and sweet like almost sweets!  I think it's pretty close to my mom's recipe, how do you think, mom??

By the way, the leaves behind the dish is that I found at Harvard yard yesterday.  I'm happy to enjoy nice table coordinate today♡

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