Niku-Dofu Donburi

We Japanese really like to eat a rice bowl like an above picture because it's easy to cook and so tasty. Do you guys know Gyu- don (a beef bowl) which is the most popular fast food in Japan?  Yoshinoya is the one of the most famous fast food restaurants in our country.  When I was working in Tokyo, I often went to Yoshinoya in Shibuya, for I didn't really have a time to eat a lunch, but they served us it  quickly and cheaply; it was so economical for me :))  So, today, I cooked a Niku-tofu bowl like similar to Gyu-don with leftover niku-dofu from yesterday.  It took only 10 minutes to cook and tasted pretty good. I will show you how to cook it easily and quickly, and I am going to bed to have a good dream soon!!

Niku-Dofu Donburi (1 serve)
  • 1 portion of niku-dofu (include soup)
  • soy sauce as much as you like
  • 1 egg
  • 1 portion of cooked rice
  • 1 green onion

1,  Put niku-dofu in a pan and heat until quit hot crashing tofu into small pieces.  If you don't have enough soup, you just add dashi a little bit.

2,  Beat an egg and add it wholly and boil with low fire.

3,  After you cook egg enough, put the niku-dofu on rice in the rice bowl.

4,  Cut green onion into thin slices then put it the top of the niku-dofu don.

Even though I made it easily, it had a lot of favor!  I just add an egg to niku-dofu but the taste was really different from niku-dofu, which made me so surprised!!

I think also you guys could be surprised like me.  I highly recommend to leave some niku-dofu for this niku-dofu donburi even if you want to eat all strongly!!

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