Ume shiso chicken katsu

My friend and I walked around the Boston common park tonight then saw so many people were walking with lighting ballon. 

It was a "LIGHT THE NIGHT WALK".  People were walking for encouraging cancer patients.  This event has taken place in America and Canada every year.

We got light balloons and joined the walk thinking about cancer and hoping that all patients could recover from cancer and get normal life.

It was a beautiful night and unforgettable experience.

Anyway, we walked a lot so when we got home, we were so hungry and wanted to eat something which made us energetic.  Today's dinner was the chicken katsu with ume plum and shiso leaves!!

Ume shiso chicken katsu (2 serves)
  • 2 Slices of chicken thigh
  • 4 pieces of shiso leaves
  • 4 pieces of ume plum
  • egg, flour and panko
  • ground daikon radish
  • ponzu
1,  Remove white fat from chicken thigh and slice up it and add salt and pepper then leave for 10 minutes
2,  Place shiso leaves and ume plum which was already removed seed and chopped into a paste on the center of the chicken and spread flour which was mixed with a bit of water as a glue
3,  Dip it in flour and beated egg ordinary and add panko wholly
4,  Deep fry it in hot oil until both side become brown
5,  Cut into bite-sizes and place on a plate then add ground daikon radish on the top of chicken katsu
6,  Add some ponzu when you eat if you would like

I already mentioned that ume plum has a lot of citric acid so makes you recovery from fatigue when I made Daikon radish salad with ume plum dressing. Tonight we really thanked umeboshi for their work again!  We need you!!

Anyway, I am so sleepy right now...  I should have done exercise more...  Have a good night☆

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