Easy curry doughnuts

One of the popular Japanese bakery is a curry doughnut (called curry-pan).  I went to a Japanese grocery store last weekend and saw a curry pan then remembered I used to eat it when I was in Japan.
It taste really good even when eaten cold but if you eat it when just made I am sure it can be amazing and you will be so impressed!!

Unfortunately, it is kind of big deal to make curry doughnuts because you need to make curry, bread dough and that deep-fry it!!  Actually when I made curry doughnuts, it took more than 4 hours since I had to wait for rising.  It was fun but I don't want to do same thing very much now...

That's why I was thinking if I use just sandwich loaf I already have and chicken curry I put in the freezer for curry doughnuts, I can eat free made curry pan any minutes now!  It's gonna be great idea I think!!

Easy curry doughnuts
  • 2 slices of sandwich loaf
  • 2〜3 Tbs of chicken curry (Leave in the fridge over 1 hour)
  • an egg
  • panko
  • canola oil
1,  Cut crust and roll out the sandwich loaf without crust

2,  Put curry between slices of bread and push the edge with fork strongly to close the joint

3,  Dip it in egg and then add panko wholly

4,  Put canola oil in a pan as much as cover surface of the pan and heat wit medium fire until panko make sound of splutter and small babble

5,  Add the curry doughnuts and pan-fry until the edge become brown

6,  Turn upside down and pan-fry another side until brown

It took about 20 minutes to make it!  It was so easy but still taste like real curry doughnuts!! I was so impressed and also my friend too and he said its hard to believe that I made the curry doughnuts from just sandwich loaf!

Anyway, we were so happy to have fresh made curry doughnuts!!

By the way,  he made a curry doughnuts don like Katsu don because he really loved both curry doughnuts and Katsu don.  It's way too funny!!  I don't know if it tastes good but for me it sounds kind of gross... It seems like I should make a katsu don for him sometime soon!!

↓↓These are pictures he took and sent me of the cooking process of curry doughnuts don.

Looks completely Katsu-don!!!!

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