Avocado wasabi mayonnaise grilled cheese

One of my favorite food is grilled cheese.  I clearly remember about the grilled cheese my host mom made for me still now.  The ingredients were really simple.  Just white bread, cheese and butter but taste was so good and can't forget it!  Actually my host mom told me her recipe and I often make it for my brunch.

I woke up late this morning and I was thinking to make grilled cheese as usual and when I opened the fridge, I found an avocado which was my favorite food and I though if I added the avocado to the grilled cheese, the taste could be so delicious!!

Avocado wasabi mayonnaise grilled cheese

・ 2 slices of white bread
・ 1slice of cheese
・ Half avocado
・ 2 Tbs of mayonnaise
・ 1/2 tps of wasabi
・ 1 tps of butter
・ Salt

1,  cut an avocado into dice and mush it lightly and add mayonnaise and wasabi and mix them very well
2,  spread the avocado dip on a bread and add cheese and sand with another bread
3,  heat a pan until quite hot and add the bread and grill it until brown and turn and grill another side

My choice was correct!  It was so delicious and I was sure not only Japanese but also american love this grilled cheese.  I could spend really nice Saturday morning with this grilled cheese.  After the brunch,  I sent an email to my host mom and told her this recipe.  I hope she loves it!!

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