Green tea and white chocolate brownie

I am going to my friend's home tomorrow night.  She is a Japanese table coordinator and also teaches cooking here in Boston.  I met her as a student of her class but she and I became really nice friends each other quickly because we were really similar and had a lot in common.

She is making dinner for me tomorrow night and doing table setting also.  So I'm making some sweets for her and her family from now as a thank you present.

Green tea and white chocolate brownie (23.5×18cm cake pan)

White chocolate  180g
Unsealed butter  80g
Brown sugar  60g
2 eggs
Green tea powder  12〜16g
Baking powder  1tsp
Flour  80g
Walnuts  80g

1, Heat an oven at 360F°
2, Chop white chocolate and put it and butter in a heat-resistant container and turn on a micro oven for 45 seconds for melting them and keep it warm
3, Cut walnuts into small pieces and roast until light brown
4, Sift flour, baking powder and green tea powder
5, Beat egg and add brown sugar and beat them again with whipper
6, Add melted butter and white chocolate to egg and sugar and beat them very well
7, Add sifted dry mixture and mix lightly with a spatula quickly and add 2/3 of walnuts

8, Put the dough to a pan and add 1/3 of walnuts on the dough and put it into the oven and bake for 13〜15 minutes
9, Remove from oven and make cool down on a cake cooler

I can't wait to try her cooking and to see her table setting.  Her table coordinate is always amazing!!  I am sure it's gonna be great and we will have so much fun!  And I hope she and her family will love this brownie♡

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