Roast beef roll sushi

I made a big roast beef salad the day before yesterday.  But still I had a lot of leftover roast beef so I was thinking what I should use the roast beef for while I was at a grocery store.  I found a salmon roll sushi at sushi section and one idea flashed on me it I use roast beef for sushi like salmon it could be great!

It is not so big deal to make roll sushi even though it looks luxurious and time-consuming work so I highly recommend to make roll sushi for a party or something like it.

I would like to show you an easy knack for roll sushi this time! 

Roast beef roll sushi (8 pieces)
  • 4〜5 slices of roast beef
  • 1/4 of avocado
  • arugula
  • mayonnaise
  • wasabi
  • a sheet of sea weed sheet
Sushi rice
  • 1/2 small bowl of cooked rice
  • 2〜3 Tbs of sushi vinegar
  • a green onion
  • salt
  • white sesame seed

1,  Cut a green onion into thick slices and add salt then leave for 15 minutes to remove water.  Then wash the green onion carefully to remove salt and squeeze with kitchen paper completely.

2,  Add sushi vinegar to cooked rice before cool down and add green onion and white sesame seed then mix them very well

3,  Wrap a sushi mat with parasitic wrap completely

4,  Cut a sea weed sheet into 2/3 of a sushi mat

5,  Spread roast beef all over a surface of a sea weed sheet and then turn it upside down

6,  Spread sushi rice all over a surface of a sea weed sheet and put wasabi on the center of the sushi rice

7,  Place half cut 1/4 of avocado, arugula and mayonnaise like a below picture  (I used baby spinach this time.)

8,  Roll up the sushi mat from the near side at a heat quickly and leave it for over 10 minutes then wrap the sushi with parasitic wrap

9,  Wipe a knife with kitchen paper impregnated with oil for not sticking rice

10,  Cut the sushi into 8 pieces.  Don't remove the parasitic wrap.

It's a really beautiful sushi even if I do say so myself!  Not only looks but also taste was amazing.  Actually my friend said it's the best roll sushi which he had eaten!  I was so glad!!

It seems difficult to make roll sushi but actually it is pretty easy if you know the knack.  I am happy if you can make a good tool sushi with the knack I showed!!


  1. Dohhya-XD Anata tensai desuka?

    1. Dohhya- XD Arigatou! Oh, do you think so? I hope so, haha :))
      Anyway, thank you for your precious comment and visiting my blog everyday!